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praise for The Courier's New Bicycle

“Along with the political relevance and the genre mash-ups, Westwood also gives us atmosphere—she turns the red lights back on in the city, resurrecting Little Lon, the vice district of the 19th century—as well as emotionally vivid characters.” - The Age
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praise for The Daughters of Moab

“...mixes ecological disaster with religious cults, Mad Max with feminism... Westwood is a stylist, with a line in lyricism, and a nice sense of humour ... The Daughters of Moab is a richly peopled canvas, of which perhaps the real star is the ravaged landscape, so intensely depicted as to be almost a presence.” - The Age
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and recently: a month in the Old Melbourne Gaol

In Canberra where I live, I often see a skinny guy hunkered on the pavement in the city centre, writing in his notebook with single-pointed intensity. Carefully avoided by the passing shop and café goers, he’s as benign a fixture as could be; but if this were a hundred years ago, he’d be thrown in gaol for his madness.